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Motoring Law

To many it seems that the motorist has been a soft target for raising revenue over the last few years. If you have been caught speeding, jumping a red light, talking on your phone whilst driving or some other motoring misdemeanour then not only do you face a fine but you also face the possibility of losing your licence.

The public purse strings are tightening on a daily basis. The Government and its agencies are looking at more ways that they can make money. In that climate the motorist will continue to be a good source of income. Baileys Law LLP will be able to assist you with any motoring or road traffic related matter. Examples of when you will need our help are:

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The Lawyers at Baileys Law LLP have extensive experience of dealing with all sorts of motoring cases both in the local area and nationally. All of them drive extensive miles every year and are subject to the same motoring laws as you. Their expertise and dedication to client’s interests has resulted in many acquittals in this difficult and complex area of law. Trust your case to us to be sure of the best possible advice and service.

We operate a fixed fee system. You may be assured that our fixed fee will not increase regardless of the amount of work that we undertake on your behalf.

For a single hearing in the magistrates court, the standard fixed fee will be £500.00 plus vat. If the matter proceeds to a standard magistrates court trial, the fixed fee will be £1500.00 plus VAT.