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Advice at the police station is free. If you, your friend or loved one is at a police station either voluntarily or under arrest then you can instruct us immediately to assist by calling 01208 75085 24 hours a day 7 days week. Do not believe it if you are told that it will be quicker without a solicitor or that they just want your side of the story or “a quick chat” and then you can go. We will attend to you immediately and will ensure you are released at the earliest possible opportunity.

Justice for You

You are at the home page of Baileys Law LLP Cornwall’s newest specialist criminal defence practice. If you are, or may be in trouble with the law then thankfully you have just found the right people to help you.

Despite being a new relatively practice the solicitors at the firm have over 70 years combined experience in providing top quality criminal defence advice and assistance in Cornwall and indeed nationally. No other firm has more Duty Solicitors providing criminal advice and assistance in the East Cornwall area.

Choosing the right solicitor to help you is very important especially when your driving licence or your liberty is at stake. By choosing Baileys Law LLP you are guaranteed to be dealt with by a qualified solicitor and not a legal clerk or police station representative. Moreover, you have the comfort of knowing your solicitor is a specialist in criminal defence work and not just someone who dabbles in it occasionally.

If we do not provide a good service then ultimately we do not stay in business. The team at Baileys Law LLP have chosen to work together through mutual respect and knowledge of how each individual works. Our goal is to strive to be the best Criminal Defence firm in the area and beyond. We maintain the highest standards of integrity and excellence and will forcefully defend all our clients without fear or favour.

By being based in Bodmin we are strategically positioned to easily cover attendances at all of the Police Stations and Courts in Cornwall and Devon. Moreover, if you have transport difficulties and cannot come to see us then we are happy to arrange to come to see you.

If you, or someone you know is either the subject of an investigation, currently under arrest, has pending or ongoing court proceedings then we can help. Do not delay contact us immediately on 01208 75085, 24 hours a day 7 days a week or fill out the contact sheet on the right of this page. Our initial advice is free and if matters proceed further you may be entitled to legal aid. If you are not entitled to legal aid our private funding arrangements are more than competitive. All of the Lawyers at Baileys Law LLP deal only with criminal law because they are committed to assisting people under investigation and prosecution. No case is too big or too small. All clients are dealt with professionally, sympathetically and to the highest standards.

As a firm and individuals we are subject to rigorous standards and independent auditing by our professional bodies. Baileys Law LLP is approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“the SRA”) and it and all of its solicitors are regulated by the SRA. Moreover we successfully applied for and were awarded a criminal contract from the Legal Legal Aid Agency ("LAA") and have been awarded a Specialist Quality Mark by the LAA for criminal contract work.